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Land Conservation and Preservation

Land Conservation

Think about the world around us and how it has changed over the years. During most of our lifetimes, we have seen large changes in the environment around us. We may have seen forests be cut down for housing or farm fields be turned into a shopping center.

Although some of these changes are necessary for human survival, as we convert more and more natural land to developed land, there is a growing concern over the amount and quality of the natural land that remains. Some people are concerned that we are destroying all of our natural land, and in recent years, there has been a large push to protect our land.

Land conservation is the process of protecting natural land and returning developed land to its natural state. Due to the fact that some land has only had minor disturbances and other land has been completely destroyed, a variety of techniques are needed to carry out land conservation. Some of the most common techniques include preservation, restoration, remediation, and mitigation.


Preservation of the environment means that lands and their natural resources should not be consumed by humans and should instead be maintained in their pristine form. Preservationists strongly believe that humans can have access to the land but should only utilize it for its natural beauty and inspiration.

They think that the value of the land is not in what you can use from it but instead that land has an intrinsic value, meaning that it is valuable in itself simply by existing. Under this form of land conservation, humans would no longer be able to use certain land for human use but would be able to enjoy it for its natural beauty, which would help protect the land for many years to come.

As a business, our first responsibility is to our shareholders. However, not at a risk to the environment.  With that said, we’ve combined our duty to shareholders with our responsibilities for preservation. We are seeking the following conservation and preservation opportunities:

Investment mandate:

  • High-quality people are essential
  • Any mineral commodity, not oil and gas
  • Pre-production. Project expansion by exception
  • Equity only: generally seek 5–20% shareholding
  • We can contemplate unlisted investments and companies listed on any exchange.  We may provide seed, pre-IPO and ongoing funding
  • Investment targets must subscribe to practices consistent with or parallel to the World Bank’s sustainability policies for exploration and mining.